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Chemical reactor

Chemical reactor.jpg

  Patent no:ZL 200410024206.4
  Patent introduction: this utility model discloses a chemical reactor,involves the field of chemical equipment,including metal shell,inner container with corrosion resistant material inside the metal shell.The internal inner container referred has corrosion resistant detecting mask which is leak-off connected to the inner container.The detecting mask referred has one opening.The opening of the detection mask reach out the metal shell.There is a detecting device between the metal shell and the detecting cover surface.This utility model overcomes imperfection that can not find out chemical reactor damage even material leakage in time because of corrosion resistant broken.This utility model can find out inner container broken in time when the damage reaction medium has just come into contact with the metal shell.After taking measures,not only can prevent material leakage,but also can continue to use after repairing.

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