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A. Innovation to meet consumers’ personalized product of unique demand
After more than 30 years of accumulation, Yaxing company has formed a series of products close to market, meet needs of different areas. In addition to general products, Yaxing also analyze the market, design, produce personalized products according to requirements of consumers. Close to users as most as we can.
B. Carry out rich application research in multi-fields
Rely on the understanding of the chlorinated polyethylene both in breadth and depth, analyze Weipren® features comprehensively. Fully tap its performance. Explore a variety of coordination. Conduct applied research on Weipren® in mechanical properties, processing performance, oil resistance, chemical resistance, anti-aging, dielectric properties. Present a good performance of Weipren®. Promote application in multi-fields. All have made gratifying achievements.
C. Explore Weipren® modification mechanism
Weipren® has supple long chain structure. According to this characteristics, conduct research on Weipren® in formula system, rheological properties and application performance. Looking for newer, better way to satisfy consumers’ higher expectations in PVC, PE, PP, ABS and other products.
D. Research and develop chlorinated polymers of hydrochloric acid series independently
Take advantage of enterprise technology, research center developed new technology of chlorinated polymer series production of hydrochloric acid method successfully. The technology without solvent emissions, products without solvent residual, is a new technology of green environmental protection. The production of chlorinated rubber products, uniform particles, easy to dissolve, good film forming and aging resistance. By expanding technology application, produce products of different types. Apply in different areas. Research center provide relevant products and technical services, to help users with product-using.
E. Develop new material of Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (PVC) has advantages of good qualities of heat resistance, corrosion resistance, flame retardant, good electric properties, high mechanical strength, wide range of application. Explore new technology, optimize raw materials, evaluate products, finally obtain products of good performance. To improve the current situation that high-end products rely too much on imports.
F. Innovate foaming materials of composite function
Based on the company's existing high-quality foaming agent, product segmentation after composite functional materials. functional specifications, can meet the requirements of rubber, plastic in different fields.
G. Responsible for enterprise’s technical service work of chlorinated polyethylene products
Problems encountered in the using process, customers can reflect through the sales staff to research center,research center will organize investigation, analysis and give reply, help customers to use our products correctly; When customers faced with new field, we will recommend suitable Weipren® product; When existing products can not meet the requirements, we can design a new brand according to customers' request. Provide customized chlorinated polyethylene products for customers all over the world. Promote Weipren® products applicable performance.
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