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Yaxing Chemical Overfulfilled Energy-saving Responsibility Target

Recently, learn from the National Development and Reform Commission and the Economic and Informatization Committee of Shandong Province, in the thousands of enterprises energy-saving target responsibility appraisal of 2013, Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co., LTD., obtained "overfulfilled" assessment level with 103 points.

As one of Weifang’s key energy-using enterprises, Yaxing Chemical was incorporated into the national companies energy-saving and low carbon action. In 2013, Yaxing Chemical accelerated the building of establishing enterprise energy management system and continuously improve enterprise energy management level. At the same time, actively adopted new technology, new craft, has successively implemented the high-power cooling tower without electricity, boiler induced draft fan and electric machine frequency conversion power saving, ionic membrane caustic soda electrolytic cell repainting and exchanging membrane etc. seven big energy saving renovation. Promote the energy-saving technology progress, improve the energy-using efficiency. In 2013, Yaxing Chemical accomplished annual energy-saving amount 41611.7 tons standard coal, overfulfilled 23.53% of "The twelfth five years" responsibility target.

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