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Industrial hydrazine hydrate

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Product:Industrial hydrazine hydrate


 Product name:Industrial hydrazine hydrate
       Product Overview:Alias : Diamide Hydrate             Product trademark: OHLAYTM
       Molecular formula :N2H4•H2O          CN No。:82020
       UN No。:2030         Melting point: -51.5℃ (100% N2H4•H2O)
       Boiling point:118。5℃           Density (to water):1。032
       Solubility:soluble in water and alcohol, not soluble in chloroform and aether.           Stability:stable
       Appearance and character:colorless liquid with smoke, slight odor of ammonia, strong alkalinity and hydroscopicity.          Hazards category: 8.2(caustic corrosive product)

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